Workshop - How to Create Irresistible Freebies!


Build Your Email List with Irresistible Freebies That Will Make Your Ideal Customers Think “I Gotta Have It!”


  •  You KNOW you need an email list. You KNOW that you need to be actively growing it. How's that going for you? 
  • Despite knowing that listing building is an important focus for us business owners - most creative entrepreneurs have subscribers trickling in and one or two every few days and have less than 100 people on their list. 
  • The antidote to list-shame is to have one (or more) totally irresistible freebie that magnetizes your ideal clients and gets them sharing your work with the world. 


  •  How to choose an attention-grabbing freebie that will make your ideal customers think “I gotta have it!”
  • My top tips for packaging your freebie and giving it the all important ‘shiny object’ treatment so your ideal customers won’t be able to resist signing up for it.
  • The exact techniques I use to promote my freebies that have literally added 100’s of subscribers to my list each and every month!

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